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Thursday September 25 Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #1
Grade Level: 7th Grade
Time: 40 minutes
Topic: Red Kayak

Purpose: To provide the students with a broad overview of the text and to motivate them to read the first half of the novel.

Content of Lesson: This lesson plan is based upon the novel, The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings. Students will be given a brief introduction to the text, engage in activities relating to the text, and be given questions to enhance critical thinking while reading.

(3 min) 1. Miss Burvikovs will lead the introduction of the book. She will explain the novel without giving away anything and allow the students to get a greater feel for the text. Ms. Burvikov's summary: While living in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, young Brady’s life is turned upside down by an event that tears at him throughout the story. Due to Brady’s actions he is tormented by the thought that perhaps his lack of response to a certain situation, is the reason that events in his life unfolded the way they did. These events will impact the way Brady deals with his friends, family, and his own life. Will Brady have the courage to tell what he is seen? Or will he let the events of the past tear at him and torment him, without being able to confess his secret?
(15 min) 2. Miss Gauri will then do an activity with the students that deals with cause/effect relationships. She will give the group of boys different slips of paper. Each slip will have a different scenario. On their own sheet of paper, the boys will write down what they would do if he were in that specific situation. Miss Gauri will explain this to the group before the activity starts and explain that we are doing this activity because the premise of The Red Kayak is based upon a difficult decision that Brady had to make. Also, we will ensure them that this does not affect their grade whatsoever and they should answer honestly. They do not have to share their answers if they don’t want to. The students will be given approximately twenty seconds to respond (the time might change; depending on how long it takes them to write down their answer). After the time is up, they will pass the slips to the person sitting next to them, and repeat the process until each student has received each scenario. At the end, we will have a discussion about their answers to the scenarios (discussion questions below).
Scenario One: A boy in front of you is walking down the street and drops his wallet without noticing. You come across his wallet after he has walked on. What would you do if you found the wallet?
· How would your answer change (if at all) if that boy was a close relative or friend? Why? What if it was an enemy--someone who once did something that really hurt you in some way. Would your answer be different then?
Scenario Two: You have a big history exam today and you completely forgot to study. You walk into class and your friend tells you he has all the answers. Would you take them?
· What factors influenced your decision?
Scenario Three: You work on an important project with your friend for class. Your friend refuses to do any of the work and you end up doing all the research and the whole project. When your teacher asks if the work was divided fairly, what would you say to him/her?
· If you answered that you would not tell the teacher for the sake of your friendship, would you tell your friend he was unfair?
· If you said that you would tell your teacher and talked to your friend about it to, how do you think he would reply and what would you say?
Scenario Four: You and all your friends are playing baseball outside. You hit a home run and the ball goes into your neighbors’ window and breaks it. However, your neighbors are out of town for the weekend. Would you tell your neighbors when they got back (or anyone that could help) or just ignore it because luckily they are gone?
· What do you think are the consequences/perks of not telling them?
Scenario Five: At recess, an innocent boy is being bullied by a group of your friends. Would you step in and stop them, ignore them and keep walking or join in?
· Explain to us a time you have ever witnessed or heard about something like this happen
· Why do you think innocent kids are picked on?
Scenario Six: You really want to go to the movies with all your friends and a girl you like. Your Mom tells you that you can’t go because you have to clean your room. After she tells you no, she goes to run errands and won’t be home till much later. What would you do?
· What factors influenced you to make your decision?

(15 min) 3. Miss Sochs will work with the students on the foldable activity. She will have each student choose 5 sheets of construction paper. Next, she will demonstrate how to fold the papers and where to glue them to make a folder. Then she will have students write their name and the book name on the cover. On one of the folders in the pack have the student write in this order: What do I Know?, What do I want to know?, What have I learner?, Characters, Settings, Chapters 1-6, Chapters 7-13, Chapters 14-21, Chapters 22-28. Miss Sochs will then hand the student cut up slips of paper and show them the appropriate place to insert them within the folder. As a group, we will fill out the "What do I know" and "What do I want to know" section together. She will instruct the students to fill out the character and setting sections as they read. Then in the chapter sections there will be pre-made questions for each chapter that the student will answer after reading the chapter.
(5 min) 4. Miss Sochs will then explain what the students need to have read and completed for the following lesson. The students should read up to chapter fourteen, as well as fill out the discussion questions, characters, setting, and the what they know/ want to know sections of the pocketbook.

Instructional Resources/Materials:
  • Red Kayak text
  • slips of paper with different scenarios
  • pen/pencil
  • loose leaf paper
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper

Miss Sochs will explain to the students what they should be looking for while they are reading in terms of discussion questions/ themes/ etc.. She will also inform them which chapters they should have read by next time we meet, and what they should have written down/ ready for the next class.

Discussion Questions:
Ch 1-
What clues were given about the thing possibly haunting the main character?
What is he planning on going to do?
Ch 2-
Do you think you would have said something to the kayakers?
Why do you think the boys did not say anything?
Ch 3-
How did you feel when you found out it was Mrs. DiAngelo and her son missing?
Do you think Brady should have said something sooner? Do you think that since he mentioned what he saw to his cousin, that Carl should have said something?
Ch 4-
How did you feel when you read that they found Mrs. DiAngelo, but that her son was still missing?
How did you feel when you read that Brady saw something yellow?
Do you think you would have reacted as quickly, and the same as Brady?
Ch 5-
Do you think Brady is a hero for performing CPR? or do you think this is his fault and that he should have said something sooner?
Ch 6-
How did you feel reading this chapter and learning that maybe the little boy wont be ok?
Do you think you would have reacted the same was as Brady?
Ch 7-
Why do you think J.T and Digger were ignoring Brady?
Do you think you would react the way that they did in this situation or would you support your friend?
Ch 8-
What thoughts went through your mind when you read that Ben died?
Do you think Brady should have confessed what happened?
Do you think its Brady's fault?
Would you have felt compelled (like Brady) to go look for the Kayak?
Ch 9-
Would you have told you dad the whole story?
Would you try to ignore the situation like Brady and go crab fishing, instead of facing the crowds?
Ch 10-
Why do you think Brady reacted the way he did in the beginning of the chapter?
Why do you think JT and Digger are still ignoring Brady?
Ch 11-
Why do you think Brady wanted to help Mrs. Diangelo so much? guilt?
Do you think you would have gone to help her?
What do you think happened with the drill? do you think this could be foreshadowing?
Ch 12-
How did you feel reading about Bradys memory about dinner with Diangelos?
Would you still be able to keep the secret?
Ch 13-
Why do you think the drill was there?
Do you think Digger had something to do with it?